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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign. Spotsylvania Park Border Signs. A Photo Essay.

Confederate trench, running directly along a southern boundary, below Landrum Ridge.
Notice: Neighboring property is heavily posted at right.

A type of sign-eating tree.

An old, metal boundary marker on a now dead tree.

The neighbors are serious. Read the hand written notation.

Another border marker on a soon to collapse, dead tree.

Yet another sign-eating tree.

They start young back in these woods.

Your blog host, standing on a southeast boundary corner.

An interesting pile in front of the tree at right distance...

Discarded or abused?

A sign once hung here.

Boundary and detailed notice signs share a tree along an eastern border.
Heed the warning! You will be prosecuted.
IT IS UNLAWFUL TO - injure, excavate, or appropriate any historic or prehistoric ruin, monument, object of antiquity or of scientific interest without specific authority by the Secretary of the Interior.

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