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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

155th Anniversary of the Action on Myer's Hill: On Location, and Authentic Weather To Boot

It's been some time since I've posted here while handling numerous other projects, but today I decided to head up to Myer's Hill on the 155th Anniversary of the fighting there. May 14, 1864. Studying this battlefield has been a twenty year passion of mine, and after an equal effort of advocating for its preservation, I can finally see that goal coming to fruition. Use the "Search This Blog" bar for previous posts I've done regarding other aspects of the Myer family experience and the soldiers engaged here.

The Central Virginia Battlefields Trust has acquired the nearly 74 acres that constitute the core of the action, including the Myer house ruins, and instrumental ground surrounding. Click their link here to learn more and to make a donation toward the purchase.

The following two, short videos were made essentially in real-time as the height of the morning assault by two small regiments of Ayres' Brigade would have been wrapping things up. Rain fell this morning, just as it did then, making for an authentic experience, but a shortened one from what I had originally planned to do. Nevertheless, I enjoy doing these "as it happened" presentations, and I hope you'll find some value in them.

Video One

Video Two