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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

New Book - Coming May 2021

Two immigrants, born on the same day, a year apart, came to America for all the opportunity it offered. The Civil War brought them both to a hilltop farm near Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia. Without ever meeting, their lives would collide on May 14, 1864. One would lose his life, the other his property.

Over twenty years in the making, historian John Cummings brings his exhaustive research, and passion for battlefield preservation, into telling the story.

Cummings has been a devoted advocate for the preservation and interpretation of what remains of the John Henry Myer Farm, and this came to fruition with the 2018 purchase of the property by the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust.

Set for publication on the 157th anniversary of the battle that raged over the land, Cummings' work details the struggle for the high ground, and the lives of those who fought and died there.