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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Myer's Hill Map Examinations

     Today is the 156th anniversary of the fighting on Myer's Hill, an important opening engagement of the second week of fighting at Spotsylvania, Virginia, May 14, 1864. 
    After 20 years of this author's advocacy, the site has been preserved by the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust. The two accompanying videos supply some brief overview of the fighting that took place, and of the cultural resources on the preserved property and surrounding area. They are brief, 9:45 minutes, and 6:20 minutes, but I hope they provide a satisfying introduction to a project that has been very near and dear to me. They can be viewed full screen by clicking on the video.
    Please visit the CVBT for further information, and consider donating to the cause.

Update: I mention in the video below that the Confederate trench to the south of the field might have been destroyed by a recent subdivision going in. I am happy to report that it appears efforts were taken to protect that section along a long standing path. I will report in a new post soon.

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