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Monday, October 5, 2015

Gettysburg - Harvest of Death, etc debate - More Details... A quick post with video

    Just a quick post, with a video using the Gibson exposure of the view looking to the northeast.
The video points out many of the finer details the photograph shows, and how they relate to today's landscape. The video explains everything regarding the images. Watch the video in full screen.

Click on the photos below for larger viewing.

Detail from Gibson exposure.

Detail from Elliott map with mass Union Burial at left (HoD),
and additional details explained in video.

Overlay detail using O'Sullivan exposure.

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John Heiser said...

Nicely done, John, and well thought out. So much of the evidence for this site has to do with the location of unburied Federal bodies as late as July 6 and what happened at this location at the time of the battle, the results evidenced here of the destruction of a sustained battle line. How much we can trust Gardner's description in his Sketch Book can be debated, but it is a key to looking at the first day's field in combination with other factors you and I have discussed. Thanks for posting your findings and photographic work.