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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Clue That Should End the "Lincoln at Gettysburg" Question

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     Yesterday's hoopla regarding the supposed discovery of a new Lincoln image at Gettysburg is continuing to cause a stir along the media and blogosphere. One consideration that I realized I left out of my prior analysis, was the simple fact that Christopher Oakley's "Lincoln" is sitting behind other attendees, rather than sitting in the prominent front row where one would have to assume the President of the United States would justifiably be seated. Below, I present as I did yesterday, a detailed enlargement of the Alexander Gardner image, annotated with a red "O" over the head of Oakley's "Lincoln". The red X is the point of focus for the encircling spectators.

     An even further enlargement, below, shows quite clearly that the Oakley "Lincoln" is seated with head meekly bowed, at least one row behind what is the apparent stage front, mixed in with other similarly dressed men, all in tall hats and dark coats. Why would the POTUS be seated there in a subservient position? He would not.
     Now, let us look again at the other image taken that day by another photographer, from another angle, perhaps roughly 61 degrees, and about 78 yards slightly northeast from Gardner's camera platform. These estimates are based on mapping created by William Frassanito in his book, Early Photography at Gettysburg, page 139.
     Lincoln is clearly visible, and that has been long established. I have placed an "L" over his head for clarity. Notice if you will, to the far right of the cropped image, there are numerous rows of seated men wearing top hats, behind the two bareheaded gentlemen and a young boy. I submit that it is this grouping of men in hats that we are seeing in Gardner's images, elevated and behind the front row where the President is seated.



Anonymous said...

Fascinating. You've done yeoman's work Colonel. Let's visit the Spotsylvania battle next year when I come back to Virginia for my final goodbyes.

Ron Baumgarten said...

John--Is the wider media picking up on your posts? This is good stuff, and certainly contradicts what others are saying.

John Cummings said...

Not that I can tell. It is getting attention on the blog and facebook, but not from any media source. Perhaps in time. The Smithsonian article is just coming out.

Anonymous said...

Elaborating on why Prof. Oakley has pinpointed the wrong fellow as Lincoln

Phil said...

Very interesting stuff! Thanks for steering me here!

I was at Gettysburg for the 150th (a BD gift from my wife) fro 3 days. Been there many times, even the 125th (MAN! Was that ever a hot day).

Also visited Fredericksburg while researching my Mosby screenplay, but ran out of time to get to Spotsylvania. next time!