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Monday, September 2, 2013

Harvest of Death - No "Third Corps badge" here folks

     I have no intention of rehashing all of my previous Harvest of Death material in this post, the reader can easily find that material here in my back catalog and review it themselves.. The purpose here today is to present a very simple visual dispelling of the long rumored suggestion that these dead are members of the Federal Third Corps. It is an issue that many continue to inject as "proof" that these honored dead are not members of the First Corps as Scott Hartwig, and myself, have demonstrated. It has even been suggested by William Frassasnito, in print, that the suspected "Third Corps badge" could very easily be something else, such as a cartridge box tin. Well folks, for your visual inspection and peace of mind, I shall illustrate that indeed, without a doubt, the item in question is a tin insert from a cartridge box. Take a look:
Here is the full plate image of A Harvest of Death.
Below, is a detail, with sharpened tones and contrasts,
showing at far left center, a diamond shaped item among
a pile of clothing and other debris. Click any of these 
images for larger inspection.
Now, below is another cropping of the suspect item,
seen at right of center. Note the clearly closed  
compartment of the upper tin, as well as the open lower half.
Here, look below at an actual cartridge box tin, 
positioned in pretty much the same orientation
as the one visible in the above image.
Also, for further size comparison, look at another item,
seen nearby in the detail below, an undisputed leather cap box.

See below, oriented in a similar fashion,
an actual cap box. Easy, right?
Next, let us compare the cap box in size relation to the tin.
Pretty similar in overall size. My point being here that, if
the diamond shaped item were a "third corps badge", it would
be the largest example, four inches across, point to point.
 Far larger than a regulation hat insignia.

Below let us look at the same bodies from the near opposite direction.
First from one stereo version by O'Sullivan...
...and in the other by Gibson. The suspect item is
at far right center now, among the assorted darker items.
Let's zoom in and take a closer look in Gibson's.
And now from O'Sullivan's below.
Be sure to click the images for
larger inspection.
Finally, see below the cartridge box tin,
oriented in the same fashion as the item
in question. Same features, closed upper
compartment, and open lower section.

Are we all comfortable on that question now?


Anonymous said...

Again, a captivating elaboration in microhistory and photographs analysis. This blog is really excellent. P in France.

Brad Dun said...

Outstanding. I believe you and Scott are correct. These are without a doubt. 1st day dead. Not 3rd Corp. Keep them coming! Brad

Anonymous said...

It is the first day, and I believe its the 150th Pennsylvania. I believe I have the location identified.

John Cummings said...

Thank you for your comment. Your input is welcome. Have you read this post?