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Friday, May 3, 2013

Stevenson Ridge Symposium Examined Chancellorsville

     Thursday, May 2, marked the 150th anniversary of Stonewall Jackson's famed Flank March as well as his accidental mortal wounding by the 18th North Carolina Infantry. Stevenson Ridge and the Friends of the Fredericksburg Area Battlefields marked this Sesquicentennial moment by presenting their second annual Civil War symposium. Forty-five registered attendees and others convened in the basement meeting room of the Riddick House, an 1812 Plantation House moved to the site from Como, North Carolina in 2003.
     Guest speakers at this year's event included, Daniel T. Davis, Chris Mackowski and Kris White, all up and coming historians and noted bloggers from the collective, Emerging Civil War, which features a stable of writers. Mackowski and White have recently coauthored a long awaited volume on the battle of Second Fredericksburg, entitled Chancellorsville's Forgotten Front, published by Savas Beatie, and released just this month.
     Next year's symposium will be held in a new venue, the historic Spotsylvania Court House itself, and cover the 150th anniversary of the battle fought there. Check this link for updates. We have already begun to assemble our lineup of speakers. It promises to be exciting.
 Daniel T. Davis, Chris Mackowski, and Kristopher White
 Kristopher White explained the battle of Second Fredericksburg in captivating detail.
 Daniel T. Davis demonstrated the importance of Stoneman's Raid to the Union Cavalry's evolution.
Chris Mackowski transported the audience through the last days of Stonewall Jackson.

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