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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Manassas Sesquicentennial Scenes - Events on Henry Hill - 7/21/11

The following photographs are all copyright 2011 by John F. Cummings III.
Fair use is allowed only when proper credit is provided.
8:30 AM, a view of the Dignitary Seating Area, flanked by a Media Platform.
The Henry House and Union Monument dedicated in 1865 in middle distance.

Looking west toward the stage and video screens. Rear of
Visitor Center and Bookstore Annex at left.

The rostrum awaits.

The Video Production platform.

Jackson stands like a stone wall in the summer morning haze.

The Living History Camp on the lawn of the Henry House.

Stacked arms.

An pre-war Virginia militiaman explains
rifled musket technology vs. smooth bore.

The grave of Judith Henry on the sesquicentennial of her death.

The Stone House and Buck Hill as seen from Henry Hill.

The Marine Corps Band opens the ceremony as seen from the production platform.

The speakers have taken their places as the Marine Band exits. 9:15 AM.

Dr. Edward L. Ayers delivers the Keynote Address.

One of the two giant video screens providing captioning of Dr. Ayers' speech.

The eastern media platform and their view of the stage.

Two gentlemen portraying Civil War veterans prepare for
a special presentation after the main program.

Taking a stroll up the Henry House Lane from Sudley Road.

Visitors to the Henry House could purchase special postal caches inside.

The International Press Community came out in force to cover the events.

A Louisiana Tiger trying to beat the heat.

Living historians gathered to answer questions.

Living historians surrounded by the International Press Corps.

A living historian explains the history of Necco Wafers
to an interested videographer.

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