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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Sue Alsop" Photograph May Not Be Actual "Widow" Alsop of May 19, 1864 Battlefield

See the more current post above that removes the doubt expressed here. The woman in both images is Susan M. Alsop, more famously known as "The Widow Susan Alsop".

Second update: An Anonymous comment to this post, added 12/4/2011, points out the widow Alsop's obituary in the Daily Star, December 6, 1915. That obit clearly states that she died  "peacefully at the residence of Mr. S.R. Alrich". This may indeed be a clue as to the connection with the Alrich family. That clue had remained embarassingly unobserved by your blog host until this anonymous tip. An immediate assumption would make this "Mrs. S. R. Alrich" to be Annie, the wife of Samuel Alrich, but his middle intitial was "W" according to census records. Those fine details remain still uncertain, but there is now a good indication that Susan M. Alsop was at least a friend of the Alrich family, possibly considered an "Aunt", as many times older friends of a family are called "Aunt" or "Uncle" by children even if there is no blood or marriage connection. We shall persevere.

After a good deal of consideration, I am more and more suspecting that the image from the previous post, despite many people's hopes, is not THE Susan Alsop. My major concern continues to be how it would have become part of the Alrich family collection of memorabilia. So far there is no readily apparent family connection. With many factors to bear in mind, this photograph may actually be of Susan Jane Beazley Alsop, from the other side of the battlefield. This would account for the 1850's clothing more easily than it being Susan M. Alsop.

More if and when we can determine something.


Martin Husk said...


Glad to see ya posting again. Looking forward to reading your research into which Sue Alsop is pictured.

Martin Husk

John Cummings said...

Thanks Martin,
I was looking to add some new posts this past weekend but a neighbor damaged the internet hookup on our street Saturday. They fixed it much sooner than expected to I hope to get some new material up later today.


Anonymous said...

Near the bottom of the following post is apparently her obituary, wherein it states that she passed away while living at the residence of Mr. S. R. Alrich. That would appear to be your connection.