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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Rain.... a music video by a native Virginian, Scott Miller

Here's a song about the Battle of Spotsylvania. I happened upon this video just about an hour ago. Shortly thereafter I visited Scott Miller's website so I could see who this gentleman was. I was surprised to find that he is actually playing this evening, September 17, 2010, in Ashland, Virginia, just down the road a bit from Spotsylvania. From what I gather he currently lives in Tennessee and is presently on tour, making only two more stops in Virginia this time around.

It takes a minute and some eighteen seconds to get beyond the storm clouds and lightening, but for the rest of the video (and I can not tell if this is an official video released by the artist, or one assembled by a fan), but the remainder does have some footage of soldiers firing from a fixed position and then advancing into a dark and misty morning light. From the bio information I can find it appears Scott is a big fan of history, and a native Virginian from the town of Swoope, in the "breadbasket" of the former Confederacy.

Singer/songwriter, Scott Miller


Bobbie in Maine said...

What a great song! Thank you for posting it. I thought the video fit it well.

debbie said...

This is powerful!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

John - here's another great song Scott does - Highland County Boy:

John Cummings said...

Thank you Richard for the link. Scott Miller is very talented. I hope he returns to the Richmond area next year.

Kirk Mantay said...

Scott's a great artist and does several other songs about the War, including "Dear Sarah" and "Highland County Boy." Supposedly at least the latter was gleaned from family letters of his.

HOOOOOAAA native Virginians!