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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thousands Begin to Descend on Spotsylvania Courthouse - Ready to Reenact Chancellorsville's 150th

All photographs copyright 2013 by John F. Cummings III

     Friday, May 3, 2013. The village of Spotsylvania Courthouse is preparing to host a rather large-scale, commemorative reenactment of the Battle of Chancellorsville for the 150th Anniversary. The scale of the event is immense. Traffic into the region is anticipated to be very heavy, with tens of thousands of spectators anticipated over the two day event. Meanwhile, on the actual Chancellorsville battlefield, about six miles directly north of this site, the National Park Service has been hosting wonderful tours and interpretive programs.
     Your blog host will be on hand with camera at the ready. We shall see what we shall see.
 Mounted troops recon the countryside.
 Military musicians of all ages gather to entertain the troops.
 Huge camps begin to cover the landscape. This one is right to next to a Spotsylvania Battlefield,
 National Park Service border, near Burnside Drive and Route 208. The open field is NPS property.
"Union" camping area is separated from the NPS property by this gravel road put in place for the event.
In a wedge of land recently created by the Courthouse Bypass, an artillery page has moved in.
With perhaps four thousand re-enactors now expected to attend, this will be the largest gathering of the blue and gray on this ground since May 1864. It will be an interesting weekend to say the least.

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